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random video chat app apk download

There was Slack (for work), Discord (for gaming), and Facebook Messenger (for friends). Redditors had used all of those—both as places for moderators to hold discussions and as comfortable social spaces for groups. But Reddit wasn't really like any of these structures. No one knows who you're on Reddit; you come there to mingle with strangers who share something in common—no matter if that’s an attention in conspiracy theories or a fascination with bread stapled to trees. (Yes, really. ) That felt more just like the chat systems of the early 90s, like Internet Relay Chat or AOL chat rooms. But Lee and other Reddit staffers also noticed anything else. As communities fought to colonize the canvas, they began making plans in their own subreddits, and then off Reddit altogether. It took coordination for communities to make their mark on the 1000 x 1000 canvas, but Reddit didn't have any way to help those fast-paced conversations. You could leave a comment on a thread, but so as to see the replies in real time, you'd have to all the time refresh the page—an impractical and inelegant way to get the rest done. So moderators redirected their communities to Google Docs or Google Sheets, using the colour picker to replicate the r/place map; others huddled on Slack or, oddly, even Facebook Messenger to plan their conquests.

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